Mission Statement


Musical Roots is comprised of every person who has participated in our programs. See the “Links” page for a partial list. MR was founded in 2009 by Samantha Black, a North American cellist, composer, ethnomusicologist, and music teacher.

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Musical Roots is currently raising money to complete a movie about Peruvian sound healer Tito La Rosa,  and to pay for law school for a Native Andean Kallawaya tribal member, so that she or he can defend tribal land rights. See the “Donate” page for more information, and to give.

Other projects include collecting and archiving the sacred music and chant of Regla, Cuba, and preparing to visit and record the healing songs of the Shipibo Onanya (medicine women).

We welcome positive, focused, creative collaborators. If you have an idea you’d like to explore with us, send your query to admin@musicalroots.org.

The mission of Musical Roots is to preserve musical culture through media such as film, writing, and audio recording, to provide educational funding, materials, and empowerment in the third-world communities we interact with.

In cultures where limited resources often default to males,  we have a special interest in facilitating opportunities for girls and women.

Our focus is on sacred, shamanic, folk, tribal, historical, and ecstatic music, and on local and sustainable cultural practices.


A container full of ewe (ceremonial herbs) awaits use during a 2007 event in Regla, Cuba. Each plant has its own traditional song.

Photo: Samantha Black

Cover of Fanna Fi Allah’s live album Mehfil-e-Sama, Volume One

Photo: courtesy Fanna-Fi-Allah.com